Origins of Us

We have uncovered the secrets of the atom and travelled to the moon. But how did humans come to be so successful? The BBC series Origins of Us explores the anatomical changes that have given us, and our ancestors, the edge. Everything from the way that we walk, to the shape of our jaw and even the way our thumbs move connects us intimately to the struggles and triumphs of our ancestors. Yet many of those changes have come at a surprising cost and the problems we face now are a direct consequence of our evolutionary journey. However, physical attributes and behaviours that may have played a crucial role at a certain stage in history, can at others become a hindrance. The programme also examines the problematic side of our anatomical legacy. As much about our bodies today as about our bodies 6 million years ago, "Origins of Us" will change the way you see yourself.

Year: 2011
Genre: Documentaries, Natural History Docos, General Docos, Being Human Docos
Country: UK
Duration: 176 Minutes
Rating: PG - Nudity
Location in store: Documentary (Being Human)



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