Diamonds Are Forever ( Blu-ray )

This seventh instalment of the Bond series sees the British Government become suspicious when large shipments of uncut diamonds begin disappearing during transit, failing to reappear on the international market. James Bond is reluctant to get involved in a simple smuggling case, but when it seems his arch nemesis, Blofeld, is behind it, Bond becomes desperate to uncover his plans and avenge the death of his wife, Tracy.

Year: 1971
Genre: Thrillers & Suspense, James Bond, Blu-ray Discs, Action
Country: UK
Director: Guy Hamilton
Starring: Bernard Lee, Charles Gray, Jill St John, Sean Connery, Desmond Llewelyn, Lois Maxwell
Duration: 119 Minutes
Rating: PG - Violence
Location in store: Thriller (James Bond)



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This seventh instalment of the Bond series sees the British Government become suspicious when large...

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