Parks and Recreation: Season 1

From the people who brought you "The Office" (US) comes "Parks and Recreation", the hilarious saga of government employees and local citizens turning a neighbourhood hole in the ground into a new public park. Amy Poehler stars as Leslie Knope, an ambitious and hopeful small-town government worker, whose dreams are way bigger than her political talents. Featuring a stellar ensemble cast, this is a comedy gem about bureaucracy, hope and America at the dawn of the Obama age. "If you liked the squirmish humour of "The Office", you will love this show..." - Mark Ellis, Sydney Morning Herald

Year: 2009
Genre: TV Comedy, Television Shows
Country: USA
Starring: Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman
Duration: 123 Minutes
Rating: PG - Sexual references
Location in store: Comedy (TV)



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