A Band Called Death

Punk before punk existed, three teenage brothers in the early '70s formed a band in their spare bedroom, began playing a few local gigs and even pressed a single in the hopes of getting signed. But this was the era of Motown and emerging disco. Record companies found Death's music - and band name - too intimidating, and the group was never given a fair shot, disbanding before they even completed one album. Equal parts electrifying rockumentary and epic family love story, "A Band Called Death" chronicles the incredible fairy-tale journey of what happened almost three decades later, when a dusty 1974 demo tape made its way out of the attic and found an audience several generations younger. Playing music impossibly ahead of its time, Death is now being credited as the first black punk band (hell...the first punk band!), and are finally receiving their long overdue recognition as true rock pioneers.

Year: 2012
Genre: Documentaries, Music Capsule, General Docos
Country: USA
Director: Jeff Howlett, Mark Covino
Duration: 96 Minutes
Rating: M - Offensive language
Location in store: Music Capsule



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