The Bletchley Circle: Series 2

Series 2 consists of two stories. The first is the conviction and sentence to death by hanging of Alice (Hattie Murahan) for the death by shooting of her ex-lover, father of her daughter, Lizzie, who unbeknown to Alice has searched, found and has visited her father. The Bletchley team cannot believe Alice capable of such a crime and she is clearly covering up someone with her reluctance to give any explanation. The answer lies within the government research centre at Porton Down and an unethical scientist whose experiments on humans has gone horribly wrong. The second story is of an illegal gang importing luxury contraband and human trafficking. Millie (Rachael Stirling) is involved in a minor way until things escalate and she is kidnapped. Jean (Julie Graham), in characteristic full-frontal crime-solving mode, puts her life and money on the line to try and solve the case. Contains some gruesome scenes. A brilliant double-bluff case.

Year: 2014
Genre: TV Drama, Television Shows, TV Thrillers
Country: UK
Starring: Rachael Stirling, Julie Graham, Hattie Morahan, Mark Dexter, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sophie Rundle, Faye Marsay
Duration: 202 Minutes
Rating: M - Violence
Location in store: Thriller (TV)



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