Regular Show: The Movie

Mordecai and Rigby are two slackers who work in a city park. When a spaceship from the future crashes in front of them, an intergalactic warrior warns that a Timenado is on the verge of destroying the universe, and they're the only ones who can stop it. Mordecai and Rigby will have to go up against their old high school principal, an evil volleyball coach, and even their high school selves in the most epic job of their lives. With the help of Muscle Man, High Five Ghost, Pops, Skips, and Benson, can Mordecai and Rigby save the universe and keep their friendship intact?

Year: 2015
Genre: Science Fiction, TV Comedy, TV Cult, Family Animation, Cult Animation, Time Travel
Country: USA
Starring: William Salyers, J G Quintel
Duration: 68 Minutes
Rating: PG - Low level violence
Location in store: Childrens/Family (Animation)



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