Show Me a Hero

Generations removed from the greatest civil rights struggles of the 1960s, a young mayor of a mid- sized American city is faced with a federal court order that says he must build a small number of low-income housing units in the white neighborhoods of his town. His attempt to do so tears the entire city apart, paralyzes the municipal government and, ultimately, destroys the mayor and his political future. The six-part HBO Miniseries presentation Show Me a Hero explores notions of home, race and community through the lives of elected officials, bureaucrats, activists and ordinary citizens in Yonkers, NY. Just phenomenally good, only encapsulating with savage wit, style and perfect logic, the tale of racism and the fading American dream towards the end of last century.  Guardian David Simon, creator of Baltimore-set masterpiece The Wire, has produced something compelling, complex and emotionally involving.  Daily Telegraph Oscar Isaac's magnetism on screen, the thematic parallels with today's high-profile racial issues, and the plain and simple benefit of the doubt that David Simon has earned over the years makes it a show worth sticking with  IGN Movies

Year: 2015
Genre: TV Drama, Special Editions
Country: USA
Starring: Oscar Isaac, Bob Balaban, James Belushi, Jon Bernthal, LaTanya Richardson, Catherine Keener, Alfred Molina, Winona Ryder
Duration: 345 Minutes
Rating: M - Offensive language
Location in store: Drama (TV)



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