The Wonder of Britain

Despite being a small nation at just 93,000 square miles (or roughly one third of the size of the state of Texas) Great Britain is blessed with an incredible range of landscapes, coastlines, and architecture that stretch across thousands of years of rich history. Wonders of Britain is a documentary series aiming to reveal the fascinating tales and hidden secrets behind the UKs best-loved locations. From natural wonders to world-famous Royal palaces, from Stonehenge to the golden age of invention - this series embarks on a nationwide journey to celebrate the history and landscapes of Britain that helped shape the world. Thanks to a partnership with the countrys leading heritage and tourism organisations, each episode explores British landmarks in a series of beautifully crafted chapters - looking at some of the most iconic places in the UK to tell the big story of a small nation.

Year: 2015
Genre: Documentaries, Travel Docos, General Docos, Historical
Country: UK
Duration: 225 Minutes
Rating: PG - Coarse language
Location in store: Documentary (Travel)



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