Anne of Green Gables

L.M Montgomerys clas­sic Canadian tale of young orphan Anne Shirley and her trials and tribulations has delighted readers of all ages for well over one hundred years, capturing the essence of youthful adventure and childhood ambition. Anne (Ella Ballentine) is an 11 year-old girl in need of attention and affection  having lived much of her young life in orphanages and strangers homes. But when she is offered the chance to join a family on Prince Edward Island, she takes up the opportunity with a big heart and all the optimism she can muster. Received into the home of brother and sister Marilla (Sara Botsford, The Fog) and Matthew Cuthbert (Golden Globe winner Martin Sheen, The West Wing), Anne begins life anew  tackling her responsibilities with enthusiasm and vigour. As time goes on, Anne attends country school, getting a taste for all things literary, establishing a lifelong friendship with Diana Barry (Julia Lalonde) and even getting into arguments with boys like classmate Gilbert Blythe (Drew Haytaoglu), who incessantly teases Anne her about her red hair. With noble aspirations to become a teacher, Anne sets out to truly show the world what she is made of.

Year: 2016
Genre: Children's & Family Theatre
Country: USA
Director: John Kent Harrison
Starring: Martin Sheen, Sara Botsford, Drew Haytaoglu, Julia Lalonde, Ella Ballentine
Duration: 85 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: Childrens/Family Theatre



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