Elvis and Nixon

In December 1970, Elvis Presley turned up unannounced at the Northwest gate to the White House with a letter he wanted delivered to the president. See, Elvis was mighty worried about youth drug culture and he wanted to personally offer his assistance to the president. The letter requested a meeting with Nixon, and Elvis wasnt going to take no for an answer. Elvis Presley (Michael Shannon) wrote President Nixon (Kevin Spacey) a letter in shaky handwriting on American Airlines stationary and delivered it by hand to the White House. He was concerned about the youth of America and wanted to offer his services as a Federal Agent At-Large to go undercover and infiltrate the youth scene. He envisaged himself bringing down drug dealers and combating the concerning hippie elements he saw spreading among the youth. After negotiations between Nixons staff and Elviss boys, a meeting took place.

Year: 2016
Genre: Comedy, True Stories
Country: USA
Director: Liza Johnson
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Tate Donovan, Colin Hanks, Johnny Knoxville, Michael Shannon, Alex Pettyfer, Evan Peters, Ashley Benson, Sky Ferreira
Duration: 82 Minutes
Rating: M - Offensive language
Location in store: Comedy



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