Aka 'Love and Time Travel'. When emotionally isolated barista Dan Duncombe (writer/director Hayden J. Weal) starts receiving strange messages on the inside of his bedroom window, he is forced to become involved with the lives of the people around him... and by changing their lives, he changes his own. An indie romance (with time travel) made by a small crew in New Zealand. "Charming, emotional and just smart-ass enough to keep from being too sappy, this delightful Kiwi sci-fi romance is a must see." - aintitcoolnews.com

Year: 2016
Genre: Comedy Romance, Science Fiction, New Zealand Film, Time Travel
Country: NZ
Director: Hayden J Weal
Starring: Michelle Ny, Hayden J Weal, Nova Waretini-Hewison, Julian Dennison, Abby Damen, Nick Blake, Cohen Holloway
Duration: 89 Minutes
Rating: M - Violence, offensive language, sexual references and nudity
Location in store: New Zealand Film



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