From acclaimed visual artist Julian Rosefeldt, MANIFESTO features two-time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett in 13 distinct, must-see vignettes that incorporate timeless manifestos from 20th century art movements. From anchorwoman to homeless man, from Pop Art to Dogma 95, a chameleonic Blanchett gives a tour-de-force performance as she transforms herself like never before. Rosefeldt weaves together history's most impassioned artistic statements in this stunning and contemporary call to action. Written and directed by Julian Rosefeldt, MANIFESTO features Cate Blanchett playing a variety of characters whose dialogue is taken directly from famous art-world manifestos. Performing these new manifestos while inhabiting thirteen different personas  among them a school teacher, a puppeteer, a newsreader, a factory worker and a homeless man  Cate Blanchett imbues new dramatic life into these famous words in unexpected contexts.

Year: 2015
Genre: Art House Cinema
Country: Australia, Germany
Director: Julian Rosefeldt
Starring: Cate Blanchett
Duration: 94 Minutes
Rating: M - Offensive language & drug references.
Location in store: Art House Cinema



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