David Bowie: Glass Spider

Glass Spider is a concert film by English writer, singer and actor David Bowie. The release was sourced from eight shows during the first two weeks of November 1987 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Track listing - 1. Intro/Up the Hill Backwards 2. Glass Spider 3. Day-In Day-Out 4. Bang Bang (Pop, Kraal) 5. Absolute Beginners 6. Loving the Alien 7. China Girl (Bowie, Pop) 8. Rebel Rebel 9. Fashion 10. Never Let Me Down (Bowie, Alomar) 11. Heroes (Bowie, Eno) 12. Sons of the Silent Age 13. Band Introduction 14. Young Americans 15. The Jean Genie 16. Lets Dance 17. Time 18. Fame (Bowie, Lennon, Alomar) 19. Blue Jean 20. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Pop, Asheton, Asheton) 21. White Light White Heat (Reed) 22. Modern Love

Year: 1988
Genre: Music Capsule
Country: UK
Director: David Mallet
Starring: David Bowie
Duration: 104 Minutes
Rating: G
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