Hells Angels On Wheels

One of the best-remembered examples of the biker flicks of the 1960's. Poet (Jack Nicholson) is a moody gas station attendant who is looking for more excitement in his life. When a gang of bikers roars through town, Poet is intrigued, and after he pitches in to help the Hell's Angels in a bar fight (and pulls a well-timed stick up), one of the gang's higher-ups, Buddy (Adam Roarke) asks Poet to join. Soon Poet is riding with the Angels and living their lifestyle of violent debauchery, but Poet begins to tire of their rootless decadence, and Buddy is none too happy with Poet when he learns they're both in love with the same woman...Legendary Hell's Angels leader Sonny Barger appears as himself.

Year: 1967
Genre: Cult Films / After Dark, Cult Classic
Country: USA
Director: Richard Rush
Starring: Jack Nicholson, Adam Roarke, Sabrina Scharf
Duration: 95 Minutes
Rating: R18
Location in store: Cult Classics
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