The Circus (Blu-ray)

When we first meet Chaplin's Tramp in this comic gem, he's in typical straits: broke, hungry, destined to fall in love and just as sure to lose the girl. Mistaken for a pickpocket and pursued by a police officer into a circus tent, the Tramp becomes a star when delighted patrons think his escape from John Law is an act. Classic highlights include a frenetic fun-house sequence, the Tramp turning a magic skit into mayhem and his teetering tightrope walk while monkeys cling to his head. This is comedy without a net!

Year: 1928
Genre: Comedy, Blu-ray Discs, Classic Cinema
Country: USA
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Merna Kennedy, Allan Garcia, Henry Bergman
Duration: 69 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Classic Slapstick (Charlie Chaplin)



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