Fed up with writing obituaries for a local New Jersey newspaper, the inquisitive and ambitious journalist, Adam Lawrence, finally gets his big break, when--as a Rolling Stone reporter--gets to interview a well-off entrepreneur accused of drug-dealing. However, one brief look at the tight-bodied members of a modern gym will have Adam itching to write an exposé on the latest craze of fitness and health centres, where aerobics instructors like the ferociously-astonishing, Jessie, are the absolute stars. But, Jessie, really despises interviewers. Will she ever let him into her sultry world of cool music, high-energy exercise, and perfection?

Year: 1985
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Director: James Bridges
Starring: John Travolta, Jamie Lee Curtis
Duration: 115 Minutes
Rating: R
Location in store: Drama Romance



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