The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection: Volume 3

A global byword for cinematic quality of a quintessentially British nature, Ealing Studios made more than 150 films over a three decade period. A cherished and significant part of British film history, only selected films from both the Ealing and Associated Talking Pictures strands have previously been made available on home video format - with some remaining unseen since their original theatrical release. The Ealing Rarities Collection redresses this imbalance - featuring new transfers from the best available elements, in their correct aspect ratio, this multi-volume collection showcases a range of scarce films from both Basil Dean's and Michael Balcon's tenure as studio head, making them available once more to the general public. CAGE OF GOLD (1950) A young woman finds herself cruelly duped by the hero of her schooldays and tries to find happiness in the aftermath of betrayal. Black and White / 1.33:1 / Mono / English DEATH DRIVES THROUGH (1935) A dirt-track driver turns professional, but after stirring resentment both on and off the track he finds himself being blamed for the death of another driver. Black and White / 1.33:1 / Mono / English THE IMPASSIVE FOOTMAN (1932) A woman finds brief respite from the selfishness of her husband with a young doctor, but can their friendship remain platonic? Black and White / 1.19:1 / Mono / English FRIEDA (1947) An airman weds the German girl who helped him escape from a PoW camp, and the pair return to England - but the arrival of her brother overshadows their happiness. Black and White / 1.33:1 / Mono / English

Year: 1932
Genre: Comedy, Classic Cinema
Country: UK
Duration: 298 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: Classic Comedy
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