The Vampire Lovers (Blu-ray)

Lesbian vampires take centre stage in this erotic horror flick from England's legendary Hammer studios. Carmilla (Ingrid Pitt) is a bloodthirsty beauty seducing and killing villagers - enter the heroic Peter Cushing and local gentry to fight back in this well-crafted and enjoyable chiller. Adapted from Sheridan Le Fanu's classic tale 'Carmilla'. Also starring George Cole and Kate O'Mara.

Year: 1970
Genre: Queer Cinema, Horror Movies, Vampires, Blu-ray Discs, Hammer Films
Country: UK
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Starring: Ingrid Pitt, Peter Cushing, Pippa Steele, Madeleine Smith, George Cole, Dawn Adams, Kate O'Mara
Duration: 92 Minutes
Rating: R16
Location in store: Horror Classic



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