The Aki Kaurismaki Collection: Part: 1

Aki Kaurismäki is known for his extremely minimalistic style. He has been called an auteur,[5][6] since he writes, directs, produces and usually edits the films himself, and thus introduces his personal "drollery and deadpan" style. The dialogue is famously laconic: the articulation is unadorned, direct and in strict standard language, without showing much emotion or drama. Characters frequently stand still and recite the dialogue as if it consisted of eternal truths or nothing at all. These characters rarely smile, nod sadly, and smoke constantly. The camera is usually still.[8] Events are shown in a plain manner and characters are usually left alone facing the consequences. However, despite their tragedies and setbacks, the characters don't give up and eventually survive. 17 films over 2 compilations, Part 1 for 2 DISC 1 CRIME AND PUNISHMENT CALAMARI UNION DISC 2 SHADOWS IN PARADISE DRIFTING CLOUDS OO AINA IHMINEN DISC 3 HAMLET GOES BUSINESS LA VIE BOHEME DISC 4 ARIEL MATCH FACTORY GIRL VALIMO DISC 5 LENINGRAD COWBOYS LENINGRAD COWBOYS GO AMERICA

Year: 1983
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Foreign Language Films, Scandinavian Cinema, Black Humour
Country: Finland
Director: Aki Kaurismaki
Starring: Turo Pajala, Susanna Haavisto, Matti Pellonpaa
Duration: 600 Minutes
Rating: M - Violence
Location in store: Foreign (Scandinavia)
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