The Spider (Edderkoppen)

A reporter is drawn into the dark side of post-war Copenhagen as he attempts to uncover a crime syndicate on an unprecedented level. In 1949, during perilous times in post-war Denmark, Bjarne Madsen, an honest and ambitious young journalist, is determined to unmask the organised crime, the underground black markets and the corruption which plague the city of Copenhagen. Sooner or later, Bjarne will finally get the chance to begin his crusade after the unexpected encounter of two faceless bodies that were bound together and washed ashore. Eventually, Bjarne with the invaluable help of the esteemed crime reporter H.C. Vissing, they will discover that behind this web of corruption, fraud and blackmail, lie hidden, entrepreneurs, ex-Danish Resistance members, politicians and even the Police.

Year: 2000
Genre: Drama, Foreign Language Films, TV Drama, Scandinavian Cinema, Romance, TV Thrillers
Country: Denmark
Starring: Jakob Cedergren, Stine Stengade, Lars Mikkelsen
Duration: 351 Minutes
Rating: M - Violence & offensive language
Subtitles: Yes
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