Inside Child Poverty

We used to think of New Zealand as a great place to bring up kids. Not anymore. Multi-award winning documentary maker Bryan Bruce spent 6 months investigating why the current state of child health in New Zealand is so bad and what we can do about it. This is his controversial report. What’s gone wrong and how can we fix it? His journey begins in East Porirua, just 15 Km from Parliament to discover what the Free Market economy has done to the health of children living in lower income families. Skin infections and respiratory illnesses he discovers are rife. Children living in damp moldy rental houses are suffering the highest rate of Rheumatic Fever in New Zealand. In search of an answer Bruce travels to Sweden to find out why they are Number 2 in the OECD for child health and we are third from the bottom. “What I discovered” says Bruce “is that they work smarter. They know that for every dollar they spend on prevention they save about $4 on cure. They have a completely free health care system for children and they feed every child a free, healthy lunch, everyday. For the Swedes child health is a moral responsibility not a political issue.” A thought provoking essay on the role of the State in the care for our children.

Year: 2011
Genre: Documentaries, New Zealand Docos
Country: NZ
Director: Bryan Bruce
Duration: 44 Minutes
Rating: Ex
Location in store: New Zealand (Documentary)



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