Napoleon (Heroes and Villains)

The little known story of how Napoleon Bonaparte first emerged from obscurity and entered the national consciousness. A life and death struggle both on and off off the battlefield. Twenty Four year-old Corsican refugee Napoleon Bonaparte is a lowly artillery captain in the French army at the siege of Toulon. Destitute and relying on his success in the new and dangerous revolutionary society, his mother and siblings become embroiled in Napoleon's struggle. The opponents are the English but the enemy are the revolutionaries authorities who seek to keep him in his place. Using his astonishing tactical mind, his sheer audacity and extraordinary military bravery, Napoleon emerges victorious and sets out on a path that would one day lead him to the throne of France.

Year: 2007
Genre: Biography, Documentaries, Drama, Biography
Country: UK
Director: Nick Murphy
Starring: Rob Brydon, Richard McCabe, Alice Krige, Kenneth Cranham, Gina Bellman, Anthony Higgins, Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Duration: 59 Minutes
Rating: R
Location in store: New TV to DVD


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