Licence to Kill

It's 'licence revoked' for James Bond (Timothy Dalton) when he must go against his superiors' orders on a personal vengeance crusade against Latin American drug Kingpin, Franz Sanchez. Though contracted to play Bond again, legal wrangling over the franchise delayed the next project for six years, by which time Dalton had bowed out. Robert Davi, Carey Lowell and Talisa Soto co-star. Wayne Newton has a cameo as a Las Vegas evangelist and Benicio del Toro was cast as the youngest ever Bond villain, at just 21.

Year: 1989
Genre: Thrillers & Suspense, James Bond, Action
Country: UK
Director: John Glen
Starring: Timothy Dalton, Robert Davi, Carey Lowell, Talisa Soto, Anthony Zerbe, Desmond Llewelyn, Robert Brown, Benicio Del Toro, Caroline Bliss
Duration: 128 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains violence.
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