The Cliff Richard Movie Collection: The Young Ones / Wonderful Life / Summer Holiday

A Cliff Richard triple feature! 'The Young Ones' (1961) - Nicky and his friends find their youth club threatened by a property tycoon who intends to buy it and tear it down. Determined not to be beaten, they sing and dance to raise the money to save the club. 'Wonderful Life' (1964) - A film made amid the lush tropical scenery of the Canary Islands, bursting with vitality, romance, excitement and sheer high spirits - not to mention a dozen swinging musical numbers. The story concerns the adventures of a group of youngsters stranded on the Canaries who become involved in the making of a super spectacular epic film. 'Summer Holiday' (1962) - Borrowing a double decker bus for a mobile home, four young mechanics search for fun in the sun from London to Athens. Bachelor boy Cliff Richard dons his dancing shoes and brings a beat to the beach in the breeziest Summer Holiday on record!

Year: 1961
Genre: Musicals
Country: UK
Director: Peter Yates, Sidney J Furie
Starring: Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Robert Morley, Carole Gray, Susan Hampshire, Derek Bond, Lauri Peters, Melvyn Hayes
Duration: 315 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Musical



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