For Love of Ivy

Ivy (Abbey Lincoln) has been housekeeper and loyal confidante to the Austin family for nine years. When she surprises everyone by announcing that she is leaving, the whole family is devastated and will do anything to make her stay. They feel Ivy's reasons for leaving stem from the lack of a man in her life and so leading son Tim (Beau Bridges) hatches a plan to matchmaker her with debonair man-about-town Jack Parks (Sidney Poitier). But Jack has a secret side to his life that could jeopardise the chance of true love. Charming romantic comedy based on an original story by Sidney Poitier.

Year: 1968
Genre: Classic Comedy, Romance, Classic Romance, Classic Cinema
Country: USA
Director: Daniel Mann
Starring: Sidney Poitier, Abbey Lincoln, Beau Bridges, Nan Martin, Lauri Peters, Carroll O'Connor
Duration: 97 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: Classic Comedy



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