Merci Pour Le Chocolat

Co-writer/director Claude Chabrol's taut thriller stars Isabelle Huppert as Mika, the villanous spider at the centre of an intricate and murderous web of deception. The arrival of a stranger (Jeanne, played by Anna Mouglalis) into the household of Huppert, her celebrated pianist husband Andre Polonski (Jacques Dutronc) and her stepson Guillaume could prove cause for concern, as Mika's suddenly strange behaviour has Jeanne faced with the dangerous task of unravelling her dark past of secrets and lies.

Year: 2000
Genre: Foreign Language Films, French Cinema
Country: France
Director: Claude Chabrol
Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Jacques Dutronc, Anna Mouglalis, Rodolphe Pauly
Duration: 97 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sex themes.
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (France)


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