Waking the Dead

A haunting and romantic drama, with Billy Crudup as a Coast Guard officer and rising lawyer in the early 1970s whose relationship with social activist Jennifer Connelly is strained over their political differences. Ten years later, after Connelly is killed in a car bombing, congressional candidate Crudup begins having visions of her and starts to question her death and his sanity. Molly Parker, Janet McTeer and Hal Holbrook also star in this time-hopping tale from Keith Gordon ("A Midnight Clear").

Year: 1999
Genre: Drama Romance, Romance
Country: USA
Director: Keith Gordon
Starring: Billy Crudup, Jennifer Connelly, Hal Holbrook, Molly Parker, Janet McTeer, Paul Hipp, Sandra Oh, Ed Harris
Duration: 101 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sex scenes and offensive language.
Location in store: Drama Romance



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