Hitler in Colour (2005)

Starring: Adolf Hitler

Narrated by Brian Cox, this fascinating documentary analyzes the life and horrible crimes of Adolf Hitler. Along with gripping eyewitness accounts, th... Read more

Triumph of the Will (1934)

Director: Leni Riefenstahl
Starring: Adolf Hitler

Leni Riefenstahl's breathtaking film record of the 1934 Nazi Nuremberg Rally is universally regarded as one of the most outstanding documentaries ever... Read more

Warlords (2005)

Starring: Hitler, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt

A major fourt-part television series that sheds light on the main warlords involved in WWII and the psychological battles and strategies that changed... Read more

The Architecture of Doom (1991)

Director: Peter Cohen
Starring: Adolf Hitler

Featuring never-before-seen film footage of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime, "The Architecture of Doom" captures the inner workings of the Third Rei... Read more

Hitler - The Story of Adolf Hitler / Adolf and Eva / Hitler's Fixer (1998)

Starring: Adolf Hitler

'The Story of Adolf Hitler' uses unique archive footage, to relate the true story of Adolf Hitler, from his days as an adolescent drifter and WWI corp... Read more

In Love with Adolf Hitler (2007)

Director: Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle
Starring: Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler

A unique, compelling and thoroughly fascinating documentary drawing on the vast personal film and photo archives of Eva Braun along with exclusive sho... Read more

Hitler and Mussolini (2009)

Starring: Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini

Taking hold of the reins of fate, two very different men stood on the stage of world history - "Der Fuhrer" and "II Duce". They became the most photog... Read more