The Third Man (1949)

Director: Carol Reed
Starring: Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Orson Welles, Trevor Howard

Joseph Cotten is pulp fiction writer Holly Matins, who arrives in Vienna to work for his friend Harry Lime (Orson Welles), only to be told that Lime h... Read more

The Way Ahead (1944)

Director: Carol Reed
Starring: David Niven, James Donald, John Laurie, Peter Ustinov, Stanley Holloway, Trevor...

A.k.a. "The Immortal Battalion". Having seen a 44 minute training film called 'The New Lot', Winston Churchill approached actor David Niven about maki... Read more

The Key (1958)

Director: Carol Reed
Starring: William Holden, Sophia Loren, Trevor Howard

William Holden and Sophia Loren star in this classic wartime story directed by Carol Reed. After a series of unhappy relationships, Stella has develop... Read more

Classic James Mason: Odd Man Out / The Man in Grey / A Place of Ones Own (1944)

Director: Carol Reed, Leslie Arliss
Starring: James Mason, Margaret Lockwood, Robert Newton, Stewart Granger

One of the finest actors of the twentieth century. Leading man, menacing villain or brooding anti-hero, James Mason brought an intensity to each role... Read more

Sophia Loren Double: White Sister / The Key (1972)

Director: Carol Reed, Alberto Lattuada
Starring: Fernando Rey, Sophia Loren, Tina Aumont, Trevor Howard, William Holden, Adriano...

"White Sister" (1972) is a comic Italian melodrama recounting the story of a friendship which develops out of a romantic obsession between Sister Germ... Read more

The Next of Kin (1945)

Director: Carol Reed, Roy Ward Baker
Starring: Mervyn Johns, Jack Hawkins, Basil Radford, Thora Hird, David Niven

Features rare and fascinating original films preserved in the British War Museum's vaults. Many have never been released to the public before and are... Read more

Gold Cinema Collection: This Sporting Life / Odd Man Out / Victim (1961)

Director: Basil Dearden, Carol Reed, Lindsay Anderson
Starring: Dirk Bogarde, James Mason, Robert Newton, Cyril Cusack, Richard Harris, William...

'This Sporting Life' (1963) When Frank Martin begins to enjoy the accolades of being a local rugby star his brutal nature distances him from those aro... Read more

Classic War Collection: The Way Ahead / The Flemish Farm / Appointment With Venus (1951)

Director: Carol Reed, Jeffrey Dell, Betty E. Box
Starring: David Niven, Stanley Holloway, Trevor Howard, William Hartnell, John Laurie, Cli...

'The Way Ahead' - After an infantry battalion has suffered casualties at Dunkirk, the gaps in the ranks must be filled by 'call-ups'. The men that arr... Read more

James Mason Collection: 5 Fingers / The Man Between / The Man In Grey / Odd Man Out / The Bells Go Down (1943)

Director: Basil Dearden, Carol Reed, Joseph L Mankiewicz, Leslie Arliss
Starring: James Mason, Stewart Granger, Margaret Lockwood, Robert Newton, Kathleen Ryan, F...

This box set collection contains five classic films starring the iconic James Mason. Titles include: '5 Fingers' (1952) - Based on the memoirs of L.C... Read more