What Happens in Vegas (2008)

Director: Tom Vaughan
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Rob Corddry, Lake Bell, Treat Williams, Dennis Far...

After a wild night of drinking and gambling in Sin City, strangers Ashton Kutcher and Cameon Diaz wake up to find they've emabarked on a whirlwind mar... Read more

Crime Story: Season 2 (1987)

Starring: Andrew Dice Clay, Bill Campbell, Dennis Farina, Stephen Lang, Ted Levine, Anthon...

It was hailed for its realism, condemned for its violence and ended with a climax that shocked millions. Though it lasted only two seasons, fans and c... Read more

The Air Up There (1993)

Director: Paul Michael Glaser
Starring: Kevin Bacon, Winston Ntshona, Sean McCann, Dennis Patrick, Charles Gitonga Maina

Kevin Bacon is Jimmy Dolan, a basketball coach looking for advancement and the next big thing in basketball - and it looks like he's found it, in Afri... Read more

Bottle Shock (2008)

Director: Randall Miller
Starring: Alan Rickman, Chris Pine, Bill Pullman, Rachael Taylor, Freddy Rodriguez, Dennis...

The year is 1976, and Napa Valley has yet to gain the reputation as one of the world's best-known wine regions. Jim Barrett (Bill Pullman) has sacrifi... Read more

Big Trouble (2001)

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Starring: Tim Allen, Janeane Garofalo, Rene Russo, Tom Sizemore, Omar Epps, Dennis Farina,...

Based on humourist Dave Barry's first novel, this comedy stars Tim Allen as a former Miami Herald columnist who finds himself mistakenly thrust into a... Read more

Venus in Furs (1969)

Director: Jesus Franco
Starring: James Darren, Klaus Kinski, Barbara McNair, Dennis Price, Maria Rohm, Margaret L...

Of all the twisted hits from cult director Jess Franco ("Vampyros Lesbos"), fans and critics alike call this his masterpiece! James Darren is a trauma... Read more

Union City (1980)

Director: Marcus Reichert
Starring: Deborah Harry, Dennis Lipscomb, Everett McGill, Irina Maleeva, Sam McMurray, Pat...

Echoing the film noirs of the 1950s, Marcus Reichert's powerful production is the epitome of understated, yet deeply affecting film making. A represse... Read more

American Horror Story: Season 1 (2011)

Starring: Dylan McDermott, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, Connie Britton, Denis O'Hare, Ta...

Brace yourself for an addictive thrill ride! "American Horror Story" is TV's most original new drama, a deeply stylish psychosexual haunt devised to k... Read more

Butterfly on a Wheel (2007)

Director: Mike Barker
Starring: Callum Keith Rennie, Maria Bello, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler

Neil and Abby have a worry-free life until their young daughter goes missing and a gunman named Ryan shows up at the house. Ryan insists the couple pe... Read more

Crime Story: Season 1 (1986)

Starring: Dennis Farina, Anthony Denison, William Smitrovich, Bill Campbell, Steve Ryan, P...

Following the success of 'Miami Vice', Michael Mann teamed up with co-creator and legendary Chicago detective Chuck Adamson for this hard-edged crime... Read more