Flying Tigers (1942)

Director: David Miller
Starring: John Wayne, John Carroll, Anna Lee, Paul Kelly, Mae Clarke

They were the terror of the sky, a small daring band of American mercenaries who soared into battle in defence of China's freedom. They were aces, adv... Read more

The Comancheros (1961)

Director: Michael Curtiz
Starring: John Wayne, Stuart Whitman, Ina Balin, Lee Marvin

An action classic from the director of 'Casablanca' about a member of the Texas Rangers who works undercover to foil a notorious gang of outlaws. Also... Read more

Angel and the Badman (1947)

Director: James Edward Grant
Starring: John Wayne, Gail Russell, Irene Rich, Harry Carey

In an offbeat Western drama that predated "Witness," John Wayne plays a hardened gunslinger who is tamed by strong-willed Quaker girl Gail Russell, bu... Read more

The Big Stampede (1932)

Director: Tenny Wright
Starring: Luis Alberni, Mae Madison, John Wayne, Noah Beery

John Wayne stars as deputy sheriff John Steele, in search of a nasty cattle rustler responsible for the death of his town's lawman. A classic early w... Read more

Blood Alley (1955)

Director: William A Wellman
Starring: John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, Paul Fix, Anita Ekberg

Produced during the height of the Cold War and stars John Wayne as he and Lauren Bacall lead a group of Chinese refugees along a dangerous waterway. Read more

Hondo (1953)

Director: John Farrow
Starring: John Wayne, Geraldine Page, Ward Bond, James Arness

This intelligent, moony frontier drama stars John Wayne as a Calvary rider who comes to the aid of rancher Geraldine Page and her son when they're tr... Read more

Rooster Cogburn (1975)

Director: Stuart Millar
Starring: Katharine Hepburn, John Wayne, Anthony Zerbe, Richard Jordan

This sequel to 'True Grit' has the Duke teaming with Katharine Hepburn and going after the men who murdered her father. Read more

Stagecoach (1939)

Director: John Ford
Starring: John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Andy Devine, Louise Platt

John Ford at his greatest in a story of nine passengers on a Cheyenne-bound stagecoach, each with a singular reason for the journey, determined to liv... Read more

Cahill: United States Marshal (1973)

Director: Andrew V McLaglen
Starring: John Wayne, Gary Grimes, Neville Brand, George Kennedy

Lawman J.D. Cahill (John Wayne) can stand alone against a bad-guy army. But as a widower father, he's on insecure footing raising two sons. Particular... Read more

Hatari! (1961)

Director: Howard Hawks
Starring: Red Buttons, Elsa Martinelli, John Wayne, Hardy Kruger

It's adventure African style in this classic look at big game hunters. The great cast also includes Red Buttons, Elsa Martinelli and Hardy Kruger. Read more