Fandango (1984)

Director: Kevin Reynolds
Starring: Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson, Sam Robards, Suzy Amis

This winning comedic drama follows 'the Groovers', a group of five recent college graduates in 1971. Led by the enigmatic Gardner (Kevin Costner), the... Read more

Mr Brooks (2007)

Director: Bruce A Evans
Starring: Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, William Hurt, Dane Cook

Kevin Costner is mesmerizing in this offbeat thriller about a reformed serial killer who's managed to keep his murderous impulses in check for two yea... Read more

Tin Cup (1996)

Director: Ron Shelton
Starring: Kevin Costner, Rene Russo, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin

Amateur golfer Kevin Costner falls in love with psychologist Rene Russo, but in order to draw her attention from PGA touring pro/boyfriend Don Johnson... Read more

Thirteen Days (2000)

Director: Roger Donaldson
Starring: Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood, Steven Culp, Dylan Baker

Traces what really happened in 1962 when the Cuban Missile Crisis nearly led America to engage in nuclear war with Russia. This riveting offering star... Read more

No Way Out (1987)

Director: Roger Donaldson
Starring: Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, Sean Young, Will Patton

A gripping, sexy and surprising suspense thriller about a Naval hero who accepts a position with the Secretary of Defence, only to find out that not o... Read more

Revenge (1990)

Director: Tony Scott
Starring: Kevin Costner, Madeleine Stowe, Anthony Quinn, Sally Kirkland

Kevin Costner stars as Michael J Cochran, a former fighter pilot who finds himself irresistibly drawn to the beautiful wife of old friend and gangster... Read more

The New Daughter (2009)

Director: Luis Berdejo
Starring: Kevin Costner, Noah Taylor, Samantha Mathis, Ivana Baquero

Kevin Costner stars as a newly divorced father who moves into a rural South Carolina home with his adolescent daughter (Ivana Baquero of 'Pan's Labyri... Read more

Dragonfly (2002)

Director: Tom Shadyac
Starring: Kevin Costner, Susanna Thompson, Kathy Bates, Linda Hunt

After his pregnant doctor wife dies in an accident in Venezuela, Chicago physician Kevin Costner is haunted by a series of occurrences that make him t... Read more

Draft Day (2014)

Director: Ivan Reitman
Starring: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Chi McBride, Chadwick Boseman

At the NFL Draft, general manager Sonny Weaver has the opportunity to rebuild his team when he trades for the number one pick. He must decide what he'... Read more

Dances With Wolves: The Special Edition (1990)

Director: Kevin Costner
Starring: Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, Rodney A Grant

This multi-award winner and box-office smash has already become one of the most celebrated and successful motion pictures of our time. Now, Kevin Cost... Read more