Splash (1984)

Director: Ron Howard
Starring: Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, John Candy, Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah star in this charming comedy about a businessman who falls in love with a mermaid. John Candy has some amusing scenes as Ha... Read more

Turner and Hooch (1989)

Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Starring: Tom Hanks, Mare Winningham, Craig T Nelson

Tom Hanks plays an officious police detective whose investigation of a murder is slightly hampered when the sole witness is a slobbering and very ugly... Read more

The Ladykillers (2004)

Director: Joel Coen
Starring: Tom Hanks, Marlon Wayans, Irma P. Hall

The classic '50s British crime comedy is transplanted to a small Southern town by Joel and Ethan Coen in this laugh-filled revamp. Tom Hanks stars as... Read more

The Simpsons Movie ( Blu-ray ) (2007)

Director: David Silverman
Starring: Albert Brooks, Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria, Joe Mantegna, Julie Kavner, Tom Ha...

After 20 years on the small screen, the most famous animated family in Springfield, and possibly the world, made the much-anticipated move to the mult... Read more

Punchline (1988)

Director: David Seltzer
Starring: Sally Field, Tom Hanks, John Goodman, Mark Rydell

A comical yet serious look at the world of the comedian which illustrates graphically that, more often than not, the sense of humour is a front behind... Read more

Bridge of Spies (2015)

Director: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance, Amy Ryan, Alan Alda

A dramatic thriller set against the backdrop of a series of historic events, "Bridge of Spies" is directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Matt Cha... Read more

The Burbs (1989)

Director: Joe Dante
Starring: Tom Hanks, Corey Feldman, Carrie Fisher, Bruce Dern

Joe Dante presents a darkly humorous look at suburban living. Neighbours Tom Hanks, Rick Ducommun and Bruce Dern think there is something very odd abo... Read more

Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)

Director: John Patrick Shanley
Starring: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Lloyd Bridges, Robert Stack

Tom Hanks plays Joe, a grim factory worker who learns he is terminally ill after being diagnosed with a 'brain cloud'. When a tycoon learns of his con... Read more

Bachelor Party (1984)

Director: Neal Israel
Starring: Tom Hanks, Adrian Zmed, Tawny Kitaen, William Tepper

This outrageous look at one man's final moments of bachelorhood stars Tom Hanks as Rick, reluctant recipient of a bachelor bash given by a group of fr... Read more

The Man With One Red Shoe (1985)

Director: Stan Dragoti
Starring: Tom Hanks, Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, Lori Singer

Why does Richard Drew (Tom Hanks), eccentric violinist and American bachelor, step off a plane in Washington, DC wearing one red shoe? The CIA wants t... Read more