Alias: Season 1 (2002)

Director: Various, J J Abrams
Starring: Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan, Ron Rifkin, Quentin Tarantino, Roger Moore

In 1997 a show first aired called 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', mocked by many for its name and above all its protagonist - a young female hero. Five ye... Read more

Alias: Season 2 (2003)

Director: Various, J J Abrams
Starring: Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan, Ron Rifkin, Lena Olin, Faye Dunaway, Christian...

Season two continues the story of CIA agent Sydney Bristow, now confronted with the appearance of her KGB mother (once thought dead) and the increasin... Read more

Show Me Shorts Film Festival: Volume 2 (2010)

Director: Various, James Cunningham, Sima Urale

Show Me Shorts is an annual national film festival bringing the best Kiwi and Australian short films to New Zealand cinemas. This DVD contains a selec... Read more

King of Devil's Island (2010)

Director: Marius Holst
Starring: Benjamin Helstad, Stellan Skarsgard, Kristoffer Joner, Trond Nilssen, Daniel Ber...

At Bastøy, life is tough; the manual labour is arduous and the young wards of the remote island reform school are underdressed and underfed for the fr... Read more

Ashes in the Snow (2018)

Director: Marius A. Markevicius
Starring: Sophie Cookson, Bel Powley

In 1941, a 16-year-old aspiring artist and her family are deported to Siberia amidst Stalin's brutal dismantling of the Baltic region. One girl's pass... Read more

Minder: Series 1 (1979)

Director: Martin Campbell, Roy Ward Baker, Various, Dennis Abey
Starring: George Cole, Dennis Waterman, Gary Webster, Hetty Baynes, Peter Childs

Dodgy Dealer Arthur Daley (George Cole) and his hapless minder, Terry (Dennis Waterman) proved to be a winning TV combination, running for an astonish... Read more

The L Word: Season 1 (2004)

Director: Clement Virgo, Lynne Stopkewich, Mary Harron, Rose Troche, Tony Goldwyn, Various, Daniel Minahan
Starring: Mia Kirshner, Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman, Leisha Hailey, Karina Lombard, Er...

Living up to the blizzard of hype that preceded it, this show took audiences by storm as it followed a close-knit group of lesbian friends living in L... Read more