Paul's Favourites

The 7th Arts's highest level of achievement can be judged alongside great literature, great music, and great painting, with many filmmakers creating enduring masterpieces. The list of film titles below may not all be enduring masterpieces, but I have however, fond lingering memories of all of them. They all fit the criteria of what I feel films can or should do, to not only be well crafted, but also to entertain, inform, enlighten and more often than not, take the viewer down roads less travelled... Can only hope you also will discover or rediscover some viewing pleasures among my all-time favourites' listed below.

A Boy and His Dog (1975)

Director: L Q Jones
Starring: Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards

Don Johnson (Vic) stars with a telepathic canine named Blood in this cult black comedy adapted from a novella by Harlan Ellison. Set in a post-apocal... Read more

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Director: Stanley Kubrick
Starring: Miriam Karlin, Patrick Magee, Malcolm McDowell, Adrienne Corri

Stanley Kubrick's dark, dazzling, ironic tale of an ultra-violent future filled with marauding gangs, decaying cities and bizarre technologies. Follow... Read more

Accion Mutante (1993)

Director: Alex De La Iglesia
Starring: Antonio Resines, Frederique Feder, Alex Angulo

This outrageous twisted treat is set in the year 2012 where beauty and style reign supreme, imperfection and deformity are abhorred. Accion Mutante, a... Read more

Adam's Apples (2005)

Director: Anders Thomas Jensen
Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Ulrich Thomsen

A wickedly dark comedy about an overly-optimistic preacher with a penchant for taking in lost causes to help around his remote church who finds his ro... Read more

Aguirre, The Wrath Of God (1972)

Director: Werner Herzog
Starring: Klaus Kinski, Ruy Guerra, Del Negro, Helena Rojo

Based on the journals of Brother Gaspar de Carvajal, and tells a hallucinatory tale of Spanish colonialists searching for El Dorado, the legendary cit... Read more

Allegro Non Troppo (1976)

Director: Bruno Bozzetto
Starring: Maurizio Nichetti, Marialuisa Giovannini

Bozzetto's cult feature-length parody of Walt Disney's classic 'Fantasia' is both a send-up and an imaginative and beautiful film in its own right. "A... Read more

Angel and the Badman (1947)

Director: James Edward Grant
Starring: John Wayne, Gail Russell, Irene Rich, Harry Carey

In an offbeat Western drama that predated "Witness," John Wayne plays a hardened gunslinger who is tamed by strong-willed Quaker girl Gail Russell, bu... Read more

Anguish (1987)

Director: Bigas Luna
Starring: Zelda Rubinstein, Talia Paul, Michael Lerner

An original, imaginative, not to be missed thriller/horror that begins as a straightforward psycho film and then turns in on itself, as a mad-killer i... Read more

Aria (1987)

Director: Bruce Beresford, Charles Sturridge, Derek Jarman, Franc Roddam, Jean-Luc Godard, Julien Temple, Ken Russell, Nicolas Roeg, Robert Altman, Bill Bryden
Starring: John Hurt, Theresa Russell, Buck Henry, Beverly D'Angelo, Anita Morris, Bridget...

Ten different directors select a different aria and have free rein to do anything that they want. The world of opera meets the medium of film with a w... Read more

As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me (2001)

Director: Hardy Martins
Starring: Bernhard Bettermann, Michael Mendl, Irina Pantaeva

Captured while fighting in World War II, German soldier Clemens Forell (Bernhard Bettermann) escapes the hell of his confinement in a Siberian labor c... Read more