Accion Mutante

This outrageous twisted treat is set in the year 2012 where beauty and style reign supreme, imperfection and deformity are abhorred. Accion Mutante, a group of handicapped renegades, set out to destroy the society that has ostracised them. This heady cocktail of sci-fi, horror, road movie and black comedy was produced by Pedro Almodovar and designed by the people behind 'Delicatessen'.

Year: 1993
Genre: Foreign Language Films, Incredibly Strange Films, Spanish & Portuguese Cinema, Paul's Favourites, Film Festivals 1995
Country: Spain
Director: Alex De La Iglesia
Starring: Antonio Resines, Frederique Feder, Alex Angulo
Duration: 94 Minutes
Rating: R18 - Contains violence and offensive language.
Location in store: Foreign (Spain)
This DVD requires a multi-zone DVD player



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