Television Shows

"As Seen on TV" A television movie (also TV movie, made-for-TV movie, telefilm, etc.) is a photoplay that does not normally feature in movie theatres but is produced for, and released to, television only. It is commonly considered a type of movie, but some people restrict the latter term to those that play in cinemas only. The programs listed below have all at one time or another been on the telly. Most of those great old shows are represented here, from "Green Acres" to "Absolutely Fabulous", from "Dallas" to "Six Feet Under", from "The Simpsons" to "Ren and Stimpy"..... Below is an amalgam of Alice's entire collection of "Television Shows". For more precise grazing you may find scrolling within this genre helpful. ie "TV Drama", "TV Comedy", "TV Cult", etc

Will Shakespeare (1978)

Director: Robert Knights, Mark Cullingham
Starring: Ian McShane, Nicholas Clay, Tim Curry, John McEnery

Tim Curry plays the Bard in this six-part dramatised account, written by John Mortimer, that follows the years Shakespeare spent in London. With each... Read more

Wire in the Blood: Prayer of the Bone (2007)

Director: Declan O'Dwyer
Starring: Robson Green

When an accused rapist confesses to brutally slaughtering his family in a small Texas town, renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green... Read more

Wire in the Blood: Series 1, Part 1 - The Mermaids Singing (2002)

Director: Andrew Grieve
Starring: Hermione Norris, Robson Green

Clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green) is asked to help police track down the brutal killer of three men in Bradfield. Detective Inspector... Read more

Wiseguy: Season 1 (1987)

Starring: Annette Bening, Ken Wahl, Kevin Spacey, Ray Sharkey, Elsa Raven, Jim Byrnes, Jon...

One of the best series of the 1980s, Ken Wahl brought charisma, credibility, and chutzpah to his role as Vincent Terranova, a handsome, streetwise 30-... Read more

Wiseguy: Season 2 (1988)

Starring: Deborah Harry, Jerry Lewis, Joan Chen, Ken Wahl, Patti D'arbanville, Ron Silver,...

Ken Wahl is back as the charismatic Vinnie Terranova for a second season of the edgy crime series 'Wiseguy'. Attempting to put his life as an Organize... Read more

Wiseguy: Season 3 (1989)

Starring: Chazz Palminteri, Ken Wahl, Michael Chiklis, Patti D'arbanville, Robert Davi, Ji...

Undercover operative, Vincent Terranova (Ken Wahl) returns to his mafia roots, exploiting his reputation as Sonny Steelgrave's right-hand man to fini... Read more

Wiseguy: Season 4 (1990)

Director: Various
Starring: Maximilian Schell, Steven Bauer

When OCB agent Vinnie Terranova disappears, his superior, Frank McPike, fears he's been kidnapped by a right wing Salvadoran death squad. His investig... Read more

Witness To The Mob (2000)

Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Starring: Tom Sizemore, Nicholas Turturro, Debi Mazar, Abe Vigoda

This hard hitting offering tells the story of Mafia underboss, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano and the flamboyant head of the Gambino crime family, exposing... Read more

Wives and Daughters (2000)

Director: Nicholas Renton
Starring: Francesca Annis, Ian Carmichael, Deborah Findlay, Michael Gambon, Justine Waddel...

What it means to be in love for the first time - and how it really feels to be alive... This beautifully mounted BBC production, from the novel by El... Read more

World Without End (2012)

Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Starring: Ben Chaplin, Miranda Richardson, Peter Firth, Rupert Evans, Cynthia Nixon, Charl...

The sequel to "The Pillars of the Earth", Ken Follett's best-selling novel is brought to life in this epic eight-part miniseries. England is on the br... Read more