Deluxe Box Sets

Alice now has available for extended hire (10 Days) a large number of "Deluxe Box Sets". These are multi-disc presentations and are often complete series or entire works. Most Box Sets are now available for Home Delivery. The odd 7 or 8 disc set is only available for Instore hire. Have a great week in at the movies...

X-Men: The Animated Series (Series 1-5) (1992)


A team of mutant superheroes fight for justice and human acceptance in the Marvel Comics universe. Read more

Years And Years (2019)

Director: Simon Cellan Jones
Starring: Rory Kinnear, Anne Reid, Emma Thompson

Follows a busy family from Manchester with their lives converging on one crucial night in 2019 Read more

Years of Living Dangerously (2014)

Starring: Harrison Ford, Thomas Friedman, Mark Bittman, Chris Hayes, M. Sanjayan

How are humans contributing to climate change? This superb Showtime series breaks free of the usual news and documentary formats to share its stories... Read more