Fishing Docos

Fishing with John (1992)

Director: John Lurie
Starring: John Lurie, Tom Waits, Matt Dillon, Dennis Hopper, Jim Jarmusch, Willem Dafoe

John Lurie knows absolutely nothing about fishing, but that doesn't stop him from undertaking the adventure of a lifetime on "Fishing With John". Trav... Read more

Fly-Casting For Beginners (2007)

The graceful art of fly-casting is a mystery to the casual observer and most newcomers to the sport of fly-fishing. Here, with the help of one of the... Read more

Land of the Long White Cloud (2009)

Director: Florian Habicht

Filmmaker Florian Habicht returns to his home turf of Northland for "Land of the Long White Cloud", a follow-up in many ways to his 2004 documentary "... Read more

Leviathan (2012)

Director: Verena Paravel, Lucien Castaing-Taylor

Filmed off the coast of New Bedford, Massachusetts - at one time the whaling capital of the world as well as Melville's inspiration for Moby Dick; it... Read more

Marlin Off the Rocks (1997)

Director: Grantly Gray, Phil Atkinson
Starring: Phil Atkinson, Grantly Gray

Phil Atkinson and Grantly Gray take you on Sportfishing's ultimate quest, to catch the ocean's greatest game fish - the Black Marlin, while fishing fr... Read more

The End of the Line (2009)

Director: Rupert Murray
Starring: Narrated by, Ted Danson

Based on the critically acclaimed book by Charles Clover, this documentary charts the devastating ecological impact of overfishing by interweaving bot... Read more

The Last Ocean (2012)

Director: Peter Young

The Ross Sea, Antarctica is the most pristine marine ecosystem on Earth. Scientists describe it as a 'living laboratory', a place that can teach us ab... Read more

The Viking Maid - Alaskan Wild Salmon vs Farmed salmon (2009)

Despite record salmon runs in the state of Alaska, wild Salmon fishermen struggle to stay afloat in the flooded salmon markets of the world. This docu... Read more

Tuna Wranglers (2007)

Director: Mark Strickson

It takes a certain kind of person to willingly jump into a tuna pen 120 miles offshore, wrestle deadly sharks out with their bare hands and live to te... Read more