Time Travel

Who hasn't wanted to whizz back in time and check out the dinosaurs, or find out just how they built the pyramids? Or perhaps fast forward and see what your grandchildren look like? The concept of time travel has been around long before there was any hope of achieving it, though scientists now feel it is, in theory at least, a possiblility! Meanwhile the closest we can come to travelling through time is via the magic of movies... Please note: the most famous time traveller of them all, Doctor Who and his trusty police box, make only a token appearance on this list as to include all those titles would quickly transform the collection into a 'Doctor Who Category'. Pictured: Marty and the Doc test-drive the DeLorean.

Life on Mars: Series 1 (2006)

Director: Bharat Nalluri, John McKay, John Alexander, SJ Clarkson
Starring: John Simm, Philip Glenister, Liz White, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster, Noreen...

Present day Manchester, Detective Sam Tyler is in pursuit of some bad guys when he is involved in a near-fatal car accident. When he wakes up, he's st... Read more

Life on Mars: Series 2 (2007)

Director: SJ Clarkson, Richard Clark
Starring: John Simm, Philip Glenister, Liz White, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster

Successfully following an excellent first series, the final installment in DI Sam Tyler's story sees the time-traveller still stuck in the '70s but ge... Read more

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

Director: Leonard Nimoy
Starring: DeForest Kelley, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, James Doohan, George Takei, Wal...

The crew of the Enterprise time-travel back to 1986 from the 23rd century in order to save Earth from a mysterious alien, and discover a world of punk... Read more

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)

Director: Stewart Raffill
Starring: Michael Pare, Nancy Allen, Eric Christmas

An intriguing sci-fi thriller about two W.W. II sailors who are catapulted into the 1980s. Nancy Allen brings a nice no-nonsense sensibility to the mo... Read more

The Door (2009)

Director: Anno Saul
Starring: Jessica Schwarz, Nele Trebs, Mads Mikkelsen, Heike Makatsch

Adapted from a novel by Akif Pirrincci, "The Door" aka "Die Tur" is the tale of a formerly successful painter, David who has lost control over his lif... Read more

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor (2008 Christmas Special) (2008)

Director: Andy Goddard
Starring: David Tennant, David Morrissey, Dervla Kirwan, Velile Tshabalala

The 10th Doctor (David Tennant), arrives in London on Christmas Eve, 1851. There he encounters a man (David Morrissey) whom he believes to be the next... Read more

Just Visiting (2000)

Director: Jean-Marie Gaubert
Starring: Jean Reno, Christina Applegate, Christian Clavier, Malcolm McDowell

A remake of the 1993 French hit 'Les Visiteurs, this fish out of water farce follows medieval knight Jean Reno and assistant Christian Clavier (both o... Read more

Sapphire and Steel: Volume 3 (1980)

Director: David Foster, Shaun O'riordan
Starring: David McCallum, Joanna Lumley

A unique blend of drama, thriller and science-fiction, 'Sapphire and Steel' stars David McCallum and Joanna Lumley as sublime time-detectives from ano... Read more

Brother To Brother (2004)

Director: Rodney Evans
Starring: Anthony Mackie, Roger Robinson, Larry Gilliard Jr, Aunjanue Ellis, Duane Boutte,...

Perry Williams (Anthony Mackie) is an articulate, black, gay artist living in New York City. Shunned by his family for his sexual orientation and wor... Read more

Edge of Tomorrow ( Blu-ray ) (2014)

Director: Doug Liman
Starring: Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson, Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt

"Edge of Tomorrow" is the Movie Mashup of the Year: A combination of "Groundhog Day" and "Independence Day". In a near-future world in which aliens ar... Read more