Showing concern for the environment - from sustainable architecture to water culture to alternative energy to organic farming to recycled clothing and more - challenging us to live smarter, live greener and live with the future in mind. Introduces us to the inventive leaders and technologies driving sustainable practices in the buildings where we live, work, play and eat demonstrating that living in harmony with nature is not only a matter of progress; it's a matter of survival."

Planet in Peril (2007)

Starring: Jeff Corwin, Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta

CNN takes viewers around the world in a comprehensive 3-hour documentary that examines our changing planet. This worldwide investigation looks at four... Read more

Poisoned Waters (2009)

Director: Rick Young

Frontline (USA) examines the rising hazards to human health and the eco-system, and why it's so hard to keep our waters clean. The coastal estuaries o... Read more

Poisoning Paradise (2008)


In a time when environmental issues are considered paramount, when our clean, green, 100% brand is being promoted internationally, this DVD takes you... Read more

Power Shift: Energy and Sustainability (2002)

Starring: Cameron Diaz

Hosted and narrated by Cameron Diaz, this intriguing documentary examines vital energy issues and explores the abundant possibilities of clean, renewa... Read more

Pump (2014)

Director: Joshua Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell

PUMP is an inspiring, eye-opening documentary that tells the story of America's addiction to oil, from its corporate conspiracy beginnings to its curr... Read more

Rachel's Farm (2023)

Experts and neighbours assist Rachel Ward as she sets out to regenerate her beef farm in Nambucca Valley, challenging established farming practices. Read more

Radar's Patch (2010)

Starring: Te Radar

Looking for paradise? So is Te Radar. 'Radar's Patch' is his attempt to live the 1/4 acre dream. He has one growing season, an overgrown jumble of sub... Read more

Raging Planet: Mysteries of El Nino (2008)


El Nino brought about the destruction of the entire Moche tribe of Peru and is regarded by meteorologists as the biggest weather phenomenon on the pla... Read more

Rise of the Continents (2013)

Starring: Iain Stewart

Professor Iain Stewart reveals how our iconic continents were created, and how their tumultuous past has shaped our life today. Read more

Rivers - with Craig Potton (2010)

Starring: Craig Potton

Internationally renowned photographer, conservationist and publisher Craig Potton has spent 40 years photographing New Zealand's wild landscapes. In t... Read more