Documentary Films, strictly speaking, are non-fictional, "slice of life" factual works of art, sometimes known as cinema verite. As films became more narrative-based, documentaries branched out and took many forms, some of which have been termed propagandistic or non-objective. One of Alice's favourite sections, and due to the sheer size of this collection, we have split ioto a number of sub-sections. See side bars on left for more options. By scrolling below are you will be exposed to whole darn caboodle - all of Alice's documentaries. Right: Werner Herzog directs "Burden of Dreams"

A Newsreel History of the Third Reich: Hitler's Rise to Power (2007)

This educational and thought provoking series comprises German newsreel recordings and includes unique footage plundered by Russian troops. Directed a... Read more

A Powerful Noise (2008)


Takes you inside the lives of three extraordinary women who each overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to bring lasting solutions to their countries.... Read more

A Short Film About John Bolton (2003)

Director: Neil Gaiman

A documentary film crew takes a look at the inspiration behind artist John Bolton's painting. Read more

A State of Mind (2004)

Director: Daniel Gordon

North Korea's Mass Games bring together over 80,000 peformers to create a mind-boggling spectacle of dance, gymnastics and music in honour of their le... Read more

A Sunday in Hell (1976)

Director: Jorgen Leth

One of the most incredible road-cycling documentaries ever made is this chronicle of the 1976 Paris-Roubaix race. Featuring insights into the top com... Read more

A Time To Remember: New Zealand Edition (2007)


From 1929 the Fox Movietone and Cinesound newsreels played in Cinemas across the country. They immortalised the famous and the infamous, the eccentric... Read more

A Time to Remember: World Edition 1900 - 1980 (2008)


In the 20th Century we witnessed, on the one hand, two World Wars, totalitarianism, the Holocaust and Hiroshima, and on the other hand unprecedented s... Read more

A Very British Gangster (2007)

Director: Donal MacIntyre
Starring: Dominic Noonan, Donal MacIntyre

World-renowned, award-winning BBC journalist Donal MacIntyre dives into Manchester's underworld, revealing Britain's most notorious and powerful crime... Read more

A Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory (2007)

Director: Esther B Robinson

In 1966, editor/filmmaker Danny Williams disappeared, adding tragic mystery to the time he spent with pop art guru Andy Warhol as part of the much-stu... Read more

A Walk to Beautiful (2007)


A difficult journey that begins in loneliness and shame for thousands of Ethiopian women ends in a productive new life and hope for the future in this... Read more