Documentary Films, strictly speaking, are non-fictional, "slice of life" factual works of art, sometimes known as cinema verite. As films became more narrative-based, documentaries branched out and took many forms, some of which have been termed propagandistic or non-objective. One of Alice's favourite sections, and due to the sheer size of this collection, we have split ioto a number of sub-sections. See side bars on left for more options. By scrolling below are you will be exposed to whole darn caboodle - all of Alice's documentaries. Right: Werner Herzog directs "Burden of Dreams"

A Civilised Society (2007)

Director: Alister Barry

Kiwi filmmaker Alister Barry tells the epic story of the struggle between teachers and the radical right during the 1980s and '90s, as the free market... Read more

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures (2008)

Director: Chris Waitt

Freshly dumped and deeply despondent over an endless string of disastrous relationships, lovelorn filmmaker Chris Waitt picks up his camera and attemp... Read more

A Constant Forge: The Life and Art of John Cassavetes (2000)

Director: Charles Kiselyak
Starring: John Cassavetes

Charles Kiselyak's detailed journey through the career of one of film's greatest pioneers and iconoclasts. Assembled from candid interviews with Cassa... Read more

A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil (2007)


An informative, inspirational documentary aimed at sharing ideas to provoke environment-friendly and cost-effective changes in cities worldwide. The d... Read more

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash (2006)

Director: Basil Gelpke, Ray McCormack

An astoundingly sobering and unashamedly apocalyptic documentary about the world's obsession with oil, when it's going to run out, and what will happe... Read more

A Decade Under the Influence (2003)

Director: Richard LaGravenese, Ted Demme

"The 70's Films That Changed Everything." A love letter to an amazing period in film, "A Decade Under the Influence" enlists a cast of pioneering dire... Read more

A Film About Jimi Hendrix (1973)

Director: Joe Boyd
Starring: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Little Richard, Mick Jagger, Pete Townshend

The first authorized documentary to try and capture the Hendrix legacy, it has a new Dolby soundtrack, remastered by Hendrix's original engineer, Eddi... Read more

A Film Unfinished (2010)

Director: Yael Hersonski

In 1942, more than two years after Nazi troops herded Poland's Jews into a ghetto in Warsaw, where they were to be held until they were sent to exterm... Read more

A Flying Visit: Series 1 and 2 (2002)

Starring: Jim Hickey

Former TVNZ weatherman and pilot Jim Hickey flies his plane to some of the country's more unique and remote areas, in search of colourful characters a... Read more

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon (2001)


One of the more curious conspiracy theories: man never landed on the moon! Produced in 2001, this 47-minute documentary claims Apollo 11 went into spa... Read more