Film On Film

Film on Film is all about making movies. Who makes them, how they make them, who's in them...and how did all this crazy light fantastic get started? This is a great section for anyone interested film, it's beginnings, it's personalities, it's ups and downs and it's future. Look behind the red velvet curtain and discover the machine behind the screen. Pictured: The tumultous life of film maker Ed Wood is explored in 'Ed Wood: Look Back in Angora'

This Film is Not Yet Rated (2005)

Director: Kirby Dick
Starring: Kevin Smith, Matt Stone, John Waters, Kimberly Peirce

In a rare and refreshing reversal of roles, filmmakers put the powerful Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA for short) under the microscope fo... Read more

Fellini's Magic (2002)

Director: Carmen Piccini
Starring: Federico Fellini, Martin Scorsese, Anthony Quinn, Anita Ekberg, Woody Allen, Rob...

A cinematic valentine to one of Italy's most famous sons, the great director, Federico Fellini. With reminiscences from those who worked with him inc... Read more

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey (2011)

Director: Constance Marks
Starring: Kevin Clash

As a boy, Kevin Clash was obsessed with "Sesame Street"; as a grownup, he contributed to its enduring success and positive influence as the puppeteer... Read more

Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (2008)

Director: Mark Hartley
Starring: Barry Crocker, Barry Humphries, Dennis Hopper, George Lazenby, Gregory Harrison,...

Celebrating a time when Australian cinema got its gear off and showed the world a full-frontal explosion of sex, violence, horror and pedal-to-the-met... Read more

The James Dean Story (1957)

Director: Robert Altman, George W George
Starring: James Dean

Robert Altman co-directed this doco with G.W. George in 1957. The film explores Dean's personal life through interviews with family and friends, as we... Read more

The Fast and Furious Life of Errol Flynn (2007)

Starring: Errol Flynn

Hollywood legend Errol Flynn led a tumultuous life from his troubled childhood in Hobart, to his escape from Australia after stealing the diamonds of... Read more

Hollywood Singing and Dancing - A Musical History (2008)

Starring: Shirley Jones, Shirley MacLaine, Liza Minnelli, Mickey Rooney, Debbie Reynolds

A celebration of song and dance in the movies, beginning with the first musicals in the Busby Berkeley era through to the Oscar-winning fare of 'Chica... Read more

The Peddler (2010)

Director: Eduardo de la Serna

This sweet little documentary tells the story of Daniel Burmeister who is a filmmaker like no other. Travelling from village to village around Argenti... Read more

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession (2004)

Director: Xan Cassavetes

One of America's first pay cable stations, the Los Angeles-based Z Channel featured an offbeat lineup of indie films, international classics and Holly... Read more

The Seventh Victim / Shadows in the Dark (1943)

Director: Mark Robson
Starring: Tom Conway, Jean Brooks, Isabel Jewell, Kim Hunter

A young woman comes to New York City to look for her missing sister and uncovers a deadly devil-worshipping cult in 'The Seventh Victim', starring Kim... Read more