NZ Short Films

The roots of the short film genre lie deep in cinematic history itself. The earliest examples of motion pictures were short films. The first shows of the brothers Lumiere were merely a few minutes long. It took several years until the multi-reel film and later the full-length film took over. Now days short films are usually shown on dedicated short-film festivals rather than prior to features. They are popular as first steps into the cinematic art among young filmmakers. As well, short film making is growing in popularity among users outside the traditional short film scene who are taking advantage of broadband Internet connections and affordable equipment such as "prosumer" or semi-professional cameras. Below are some of the short films of Kiwi film makers who have managed to get some exposure for their work. An Internatiomnal Short Film Festival may be accessed via the "Special Interest" feature.

48 Hours 2005 (2005)

Officially New Zealand's largest filmmaking event with over 6000 movie maniacs attempting to make 270 short films in just 48 hours or die trying. From... Read more

48 Hours 2006 (2006)

Director: Various

Officially New Zealand's most successful short film competition. Thousands of kiwis work together and compete to be crowned the Grand National Winner... Read more

48 Hours 2007 (2007)

Director: Various

The motto is WRITE. SHOOT. CUT. SURVIVE. and in 2007 more than 10,000 committed people, in more than 400 teams, competed around New Zealand to be crow... Read more

48 Hours 2008 (2008)

Director: Various

48Hours is officially NZ's largest film competition! It's a cinematic boot camp, but instead of a drill sergeant screaming obscenities at you it's the... Read more

48 Hours 2009 (2009)

Director: Various

The 48 Hour Film Competition is officially NZ's largest film competition! There is nothing quite like it. It's a serious challenge for both first time... Read more

48 Hours 2010 (2010)

Director: Various
Starring: Various

The short films on these DVDs were created entirely in one weekend in 2010. More than 10,000 committed people, in more than 600 teams, competed around... Read more

Births, Deaths and Marriages (2019)

Director: Beatrice Joblin
Starring: Geraldine Brophy

One family. One weekend. One hell of a home video. Births, Deaths and Marriages is a slice of life kiwi comedy about life, death and everything in bet... Read more

Grass Roots (2004)


Deep within the "Grass Roots" of New Zealand film culture can be found a rare breed: the Kiwi short film. Here a celebration of emergent Kiwi film-mak... Read more

It Came from the Swamp (2008)

Director: Various

"It Came from the Swamp" is a compilation of short films giving a sample of the talent coming from the great unsung film melting pot of Hamilton. Som... Read more

Locked-in Syndrome (1997)

Director: Jean-Jacques Beineix

A 1995 stroke left French writer/magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby unable to move any part of his body except one eyelid. Despite his condition, he... Read more