Scandinavian Cinema

'Scandinavian' is an Alice grouping which includes Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. To find films from one of these countries specifically use the 'By Country' link on the left hand menu. From the sublime to the ridiculous; from Bergman to Lars von Trier, there is something in this section for everyone. Films from this region are often deeply personal and have a brutal honesty about them. Characters are often deeply flawed or troubled but not judged. The Dogme 95 collective (founded by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg) exemplifies this attitude in their manifesto. Not just the stories but the film-making process itself is absolutely 'no frills'. (Visit www.dogme95.dk for more details.) Other notables in this section include the quirky Finlander, Aki Kaurismaki, Fridrik Thor Fridrikkson from Iceland and Norwegian, Erik Skjoldjaerg. Pictured: "It's one of the most delicious parts I've ever played. I've never been such a bastard before." Stellan Skaarsgard on his role in the rivetting 'Zero Kelvin'

101 Reykjavik (2000)

Director: Baltasar Kormakur
Starring: Victoria Abril, Hilmir Snaer Gudnason, Hanna Maria Karlsdottir, Baltasar Kormaku...

A young man's sexual impulses go haywire when he discovers that the woman he has just been to bed with happens to be his mother's lesbian lover. Set a... Read more

A Conspiracy of Faith (2016)

Director: Hans Petter Moland
Starring: Pal Sverre Hagen, Fares Fares, Nikolaj Lie Kaas

Breaking all Danish box office records, the Department Q series follows in the tradition of the ever-popular "Nordic Noir" thriller genre. When a... Read more

A Hijacking (2012)

Director: Tobias Lindholm
Starring: Soren Malling, Pilou Asbaek, Dar Salim, Roland Moller, Gary Skjoldmose Porter

The cargo ship MV Rozen is heading for harbour when it is hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. Amongst the men on board are the ship's cook... Read more

A Man Called Ove (2015)

Director: Hannes Holm
Starring: Ida Engvoll, Rolf Lassgard, Filip Berg, Bahar Pars

Ove (Rolf Lassgård) is the quintessential angry old man next door. An isolated retiree with strict principles and a short fuse, who spends his days en... Read more

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014)

Director: Roy Andersson
Starring: Holger Andersson, Nils Westblom, Charlotta Larsson, Viktor Gyllenberg

The deeply eccentric Roy Anderssons meticulously mounted comic sketches move from historic fantasy to hilariously deadpan humour as he muses on human... Read more

A Royal Affair (2012)

Director: Nikolaj Arcel
Starring: Mikkel Boe Folsgaard, Alicia Vikander, Mads Mikkelsen

A Danish period drama based on the true story of Caroline Mathilde (Alicia Vikander), the English princess who married King Christian VII of Denmark i... Read more

A Royal Affair ( Blu-ray ) (2012)

Director: Nikolaj Arcel
Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Alicia Vikander, Mikkel Boe Folsgaard

A Danish period drama based on the true story of Caroline Mathilde (Alicia Vikander), the English princess who married King Christian VII of Denmark i... Read more

A Ship Bound for India (1947)

Director: Ingmar Bergman
Starring: Birger Malmsten, Anna Lindahl, Gertrud Fridh, Holger Lowenadler

When Johannes Blom (Birger Malmsten) returns home after seven years at sea, he finds his former sweetheart despondent. Johannes had first met Sally (G... Read more

A Somewhat Gentle Man (2010)

Director: Hans Petter Moland
Starring: Bjorn Sundquist, Stellan Skarsgard, Gard B Eidsvold, Bjorn Floberg

Reluctantly discharged from prison on parole after 12 years for murder, Ulrik is ordered by the kingpin of his old gang to settle some scores with a s... Read more

A Song For Martin (2001)

Director: Bille August
Starring: Sven Wolter, Viveka Seldahl

In director Bille August's meditation on autumnal love, famous composer Martin meets and falls for Barbara a gifted violinist. Abandoning their former... Read more