Art House Cinema

Art House films are critically-acclaimed movies that don't necessarily cause a stampede at the box-office. These so-called 'minor' works are generally seen only at Film Festivals or a few selective theatres, but they stay in the mind, for better or worse. Below is a list of films in Alice's Collection that for one unexplained reason or another, generally didn't quite get the exposure they may have deserved when originally released. Enjoy finding many of cinema's 'gems' in this section. Right: Peter Greenaway's 'The Baby Of Macon'.

Adaptation (2002)

Director: Spike Jonze
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper, Tilda Swinton, Brian Cox

From the "Being John Malkovich" duo of director Spike Jonze and writer Charlie Kaufman comes this stunningly original comedy that seamlessly blends fi... Read more

Adaptation ( Blu-ray ) (2002)

Director: Spike Jonze
Starring: Brian Cox, Chris Cooper, Meryl Streep, Nicolas Cage, Tilda Swinton

From the "Being John Malkovich" duo of director Spike Jonze and writer Charlie Kaufman comes this stunningly original comedy that seamlessly blends fi... Read more

Ae Fond Kiss ( aka Just A Kiss ) (2004)

Director: Ken Loach
Starring: Eva Birthistle, Atta Taqub, Shamshad Akhtar, Ghizala Avan

Ken Loach and writer Paul Laverty team again ('Sweet Sixteen', 'Carla's Song', 'My Name Is Joe') for this romantic drama set in Glasgow, Scotland wher... Read more

Agnes of God (1985)

Director: Norman Jewison
Starring: Jane Fonda, Anne Bancroft, Meg Tilly, Anne Pitoniak

The childlike novice of an extremely sheltered convent is discovered one night with the bloodied body of a baby she claims not to recognise. Psychiatr... Read more

Alex In Wonderland (1970)

Director: Paul Mazursky
Starring: Donald Sutherland, Ellen Burstyn, Jeanne Moreau

A surrealistic look at a young filmmaker (Donald Sutherland) trying to decide on what project will follow his successful first effort. This salute to... Read more

All or Nothing (2002)

Director: Mike Leigh
Starring: Timothy Spall, Lesley Manville, Alison Garland, James Corden, Ruth Sheen, Marion...

Three-time Oscar-nominated writer/director Mike Leigh ("Secrets and Lies") delivers this "rewarding... vibrant... poetic slice-of-life drama" (Variety... Read more

Amateur (1994)

Director: Hal Hartley
Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Martin Donovan, Damian Young

A former nun who writes pornography. A man with amnesia. A sexy porn queen. An accountant. The lives of these four people eventually collide in upstat... Read more

American Buffalo (1995)

Director: Michael Corrente
Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Franz, Sean Nelson

David Mamet's profane, provocative three-character play. Dustin Hoffman plays a self-ennobled world expert who horns in on the plans of his friend, a... Read more

An Enemy Of The People (1977)

Director: George Schaefer
Starring: Steve McQueen, Charles Durning, Bibi Andersson

A small-town doctor risks his livelihood when he reveals that the water in his small town has been contaminated by the waste from a tannery, a fact th... Read more

And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen (2002)

Director: Claude Lelouch
Starring: Jeremy Irons, Patricia Kaas, Thierry Lhermitte, Alessandra Martines, Claudia Car...

Intriguing, beautifully photographed tale from Claude Lelouch ('A Man and A Woman') has Jeremy Irons as the prime suspect in a burglary when a cache o... Read more