War and Anti-War Films

"War and Anti-War Films" often acknowledge the horror and heartbreak of war, letting the actual combat fighting or conflict (against nations or humankind) provide the primary plot or background for the action of the film. Typical elements in the action-oriented war plots include POW camp experiences and escapes, submarine warfare, espionage, personal heroism, "war is hell" brutalities, air dogfights, tough trench/infantry experiences, or male-bonding buddy adventures during wartime. Themes explored in war films include combat, survivor and escape stories, tales of gallant sacrifice and struggle, studies of the futility and inhumanity of battle, the effects of war on society, and intelligent and profound explorations of the moral and human issues. Listed below are all the very best of this genre. Scroll yer heart out....

To End All Wars (2001)

Director: David L Cunningham
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Kiefer Sutherland, Ciaran McMenamin

Tells the true story of four Allied POWs who endure harsh treatment from their Japanese captors during WWII while being forced to build a railroad thr... Read more

To Hell And Back (1955)

Director: Jesse Hibbs
Starring: Charles Drake, Audie Murphy, Marshall Thompson, David Janssen, Denver Pyle

The most decorated American soldier of World War II, Audie Murphy, stars as himself in this gritty, unflinching biography. Follow the exploits of a re... Read more

Too Late the Hero (1970)

Director: Robert Aldrich
Starring: Michael Caine, Cliff Robertson, Ian Bannen, Henry Fonda, Harry Andrews, Ronald F...

Thi action-packed offering tells of two reluctant soldiers (Michael Caine and Cliff Robertson) sent on a suicide mission on a Pacific Island during WW... Read more

Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

Director: Kinji Fukasaku, Richard Fleischer, Toshio Masuda
Starring: Martin Balsam, Jason Robards, Soh Yamamura, Joseph Cotten, Tatsuya Mihashi, E G...

This $25 million epic collaboration faithfully recreates the events leading up to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour. An insightful and well-crafted Wor... Read more

Triage (2009)

Director: Danis Tanovic
Starring: Christopher Lee, Colin Farrell, Jamie Sives, Paz Vega, Kelly Reilly

Covering the 1988 clash between the Iraqi military and the Kurds, battle-scarred photojournalist Mark Walsh (Colin Farrell) suffers an injury that for... Read more

Triple Agent (2004)

Director: Eric Rohmer
Starring: Serge Renko, Katerina Didaskalou

Loosely based on a true story, this sublime drama from director Eric Rohmer follows the complex marriage between a Greek painter and her White Russian... Read more

Triple Cross (1967)

Director: Terence Young
Starring: Christopher Plummer, Romy Schneider, Trevor Howard, Gert Frobe, Claudine Auger,...

World War II true story in which master spy Eddie Chapman (Christopher Plummer) works both sides of the fence going for whichever player offers him th... Read more

Triumph of the Spirit (1989)

Director: Robert M Young
Starring: Willem Dafoe, Edward James Olmos, Robert Loggia

A Jewish boxer and his family are transported from Greece to Auschwitz by the Nazis and are separated. His captors discover he is a boxer and give him... Read more

Tunes of Glory (1960)

Director: Ronald Neame
Starring: Alec Guinness, John Mills, Susannah York, Kay Walsh

This riveting adaptation of James Kennaway's novel boasts superb performances by Alec Guinness and John Mills as British army officers locked in a bat... Read more

Turtles Can Fly (2004)

Director: Bahman Ghobadi
Starring: Soran Ebrahim, Hirsh Feyssal, Avaz Latif

On the border of Iraq and Turkey, in the days leading up to the second US-led war, a young technology-obsessed boy nicknamed Satellite convinces the v... Read more