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Silmido (2003)

Director: Kang Woo-Suk
Starring: Sung-kee Ahn, Kyung-gu Sol, Jun-ho Heo, Jae-yeong Joeng, Seong-jin Kang

In 1968, a group of North Korean commandos crossed the border in a failed attempt to assassinate South-Korean president Park Chung-hee. Outraged, Sou... Read more

Oasis (2002)

Director: Chang-dong Lee
Starring: Nae-sang Ahn, So-ri Moon, Kyung-gu Sol, Seung-wan Ryoo

Hailed as a seminal film of the Korean New Wave, acclaimed director Lee Chang-dong's "Oasis" is the story of the struggle of two social misfits to fin... Read more

Oldboy (2003)

Director: Chan-wook Park
Starring: Min-sik Choi, Hye-jeong Kang, Ji-tae Yu

Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik) has been imprisoned in a room for 15 years with no explanation when, barely sane, he is released. Thrown back into the world... Read more

Brotherhood of War (2004)

Director: Je-Gyu Kang
Starring: Dong-kun Jang, Bin Won, Eun-joo Lee

Korea's leading filmmaker, Kang Je-gyu, wrote and directed this epic-scale drama focussed on two brothers forced into the war that tore their nation a... Read more

Natural City (2003)

Director: Byung-chun Min
Starring: Ji-tae Yu, Jae-un Lee, Rin Seo, Chan Yoon

Post-apocalypse 2080. Cyborgs with artificial intelligence, great strength and emotion exist but they live just a few short years. Cue star-crossed... Read more

The Isle (2001)

Director: Kim Ki-duk
Starring: Jung Suh, Kim Yoo-Seok, Park Sung-Hee

'The Isle' tells the tale of a beautiful woman living on an eerie, remote lake selling food to fisherman by day, and her body by night. When the woman... Read more

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Director: Kim Jee-Woon
Starring: Su-jeong Lim, Geun-yeong Mun, Jung-ah Yum, Kap-su Kim

The Asian pop culture crossover continues with this eerie South Korean horror, with more than a shiver of recognition from the modern Japanese classic... Read more

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring (2003)

Director: Kim Ki-duk
Starring: Oh Yeong-Su, Kim Ki-duk, Kim Yeong-min

A tiny Buddhist monastery floats on a raft amidst a breathtaking landscape, tended to by a solitary Monk. Into this serene setting comes a young child... Read more

Arahan (2004)

Director: Seung-wan Ryoo
Starring: Seung-beom Ryu, So-yi Yoon, Sung-kee Ahn

Justice-seeking cop Sang-hwan, trying to rid the world of criminals, shuns no efforts to unravel the mysteries of Taoist power. Luck is on his side as... Read more

JSA: Joint Security Area (2000)

Director: Chan-wook Park
Starring: Jeong Seong-San, Kim Hyeon-Seok, Lee Mu-Yeong

This harrowing political thriller from South Korea rides on the trend of phenomenally popular action blockbusters from East Asia. In the extremely sen... Read more