The Emperor's New Clothes

Napoleon Bonaparte - defeated, powerless and exiled to the island of St. Helena to live out the rest of his life in lonely, faded isolation. Or was he? This whimsical, captivating, romantic comedy presents a decidedly different version of the events that shaped the course of history! Determined to retake the crown, Napoleon swaps places with Eugene Lenormand, a look-alike commoner. But Napoleon's journey back to Paris takes more twists and turns than ever imagined. Meanwhile, Lenormand finds his glamorous new role too rewarding to ever admit the deception! So, while France's famed leader struggles to adapt to the simple life of a commoner, the once-lowly Lenormand takes his newfound "stardom" to laugh-provoking new heights. Acclaimed actor Ian Holm ("The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring") gives a bravura dual performance as both Napoleon (a role he previously portrayed in "Time Bandits") and Lenormand in this delightful comedy of swapped roles and mistaken identities. Adapted from the novel "The Death of Napoleon" by Simon Leys.

Year: 2002
Genre: Comedy
Country: UK, Italy
Director: Alan Taylor
Starring: Ian Holm, Iben Hjejle, Tim McInnerny
Duration: 103 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level offensive language.
Location in store: Comedy



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